The Age-Friendly Institute is pleased to work with the following Affiliates and Referral Partners in developing and expanding the Certified Age-Friendly Employer Program.



Since 2015, Maturi supports the Age and Generational Diversity strategies of organizations, providing training on demographic changes in the workforce and attracting the best 50+ professionals to its team.

Canada (Atlantic Provinces)

Aging Proactively

Aging Proactively helps seniors (65+) who want to age proactively by providing access to services, products and information to support active ageing and the opportunity to be involved in the development, change and creation of innovative services. 

New Jersey

NJ Advocates for Aging Well (NJAAW)

NJAAW is an organization that works with tenacious persistence to see to it that every one of them is aware of and has access to programs, services and resources that can help them live well and age well in New Jersey.


Recognizing Age-Friendly Workplaces 

The purpose of the Certified Age Friendly Employer program is to assist age 50+ job seekers by identifying employers committed to objectively considering them for appropriate employment, free of age bias or discrimination, and to recognize those employers who want age 50+ candidates to know they are valued for their knowledge, maturity, reliability and productivity.

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